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Monday, May 09, 2005

Eastman Kodak's (EK) Mission Statement

At Kodak, we believe that by doing well by shareholders also means doing right by customers, employees, neighbors, and suppliers. With that in mind, Kodak operates its facilities, and designs and markets its products and services , not only to increase shareholder value, but also to promote development of the individual, the well being of the community, and respect for the environment.

Kodak Values & Mission

All of us at Kodak work from a set of core values, and we're proud to say that our resulting personal conduct allows for an environment that is free from inappropriate pressures and diversions.

We show respect for the dignity of the individual. And in the process, we value and champion our human differences. This helps us maintain the diversity of our workforce.

We uphold uncompromising integrity. We demonstrate honest, ethical behavior in all transactions, placing the success of our business and its people ahead of any personal gain.

We give and receive unquestionable trust. We work in an environment in which we can trust one another and share information freely, thereby doing our jobs to the very best of our abilities.

We prove and maintain constant credibility. By consistently delivering on our commitments (and even admitting to the occasional mistake), we earn the credibility of those around us.

We support continual improvement and personal renewal. Varied opportunities for individual learning and growth allow us to achieve the world-class expectations of our publics.

We recognize and celebrate achievement. We welcome opportunities to openly celebrate individual and team achievements, and congratulate those contributing to Kodak's success.

With the above mentioned values in mind, we plan to grow more rapidly than our competitors by providing customers with the solutions they need to capture, store, process, output and communicate images—anywhere, anytime. We will derive our competitive advantage by delivering differentiated, cost-effective solutions—including consumables, hardware, software, systems and services—quickly and with flawless quality. All this is thanks to our diverse team of energetic, results-oriented employees with the world-class talent and skills necessary to sustain Kodak as the world leader in imaging.

Corporate Responsibility Principles

1. Kodak conducts its business activities to high ethical standards.

2. Kodak respects internationally accepted legal principles, and obeys the laws of countries in which it does business.

3. Kodak is committed to sound corporate governance. In this regard, the Company's diverse, independent Board of Directors has adopted publicly available governance principles.

4. Kodak conducts its business activities in an environmentally responsible manner.

5. Kodak respects the privacy rights of its employees, customers, and suppliers.

6. Kodak promotes a work environment of equal opportunity for all employees, and treats its employees in a non-discriminatory manner.

7. Kodak is committed to employing a diverse work force, and to building and maintaining an inclusive work environment.

8. Kodak maintains a safe and healthy work environment.

9. Kodak respects its employees' workplace right of association.

10. Kodak will not establish or maintain a business relationship with any supplier if Kodak believes that the supplier's practices violate local laws or fundamental principles relating to labor standards or environmental protection.

11. Kodak is sensitive to the economic development priorities of the developing countries in which it does business.

12. Kodak maintains a philanthropic program that reflects its global corporate goals in community development, recruitment, technology access, business opportunity, and quality of life.

Source: Kodak.com

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