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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Border's Group (BGP) Mission Statement

Notice how on Borders' Values List, "Customer Service" is last.

Our Mission

Our mission is more than just a statement. Everything Borders Group sets out to achieve begins with the core values at the heart of our mission.

"To be the best-loved provider of books, music, movies, and other entertainment and informational products and services. To be the world leader in selection, service, innovation, ambiance, community involvement, and shareholder value. We recognize people to be the cornerstone of the Borders experience by building internal and external relationships, one person at a time."

Our Supporting Attributes

  • People: To regard our people as our highest priority. To reward initiative, dedication, results orientation, and contributions to continuous improvement.

  • Selection: To offer the best selection, based on the evolving needs of our customers, through an expert buying staff, superior inventory management, and state-of-the-art fulfillment systems.

  • Service: To provide the best service in the world to our external and internal customers through attentive, knowledgeable, expertly trained staff, and cutting-edge technology.

  • Innovation: To continually challenge the way we approach our business and serve our customers.

  • Ambiance: To create a convenient and comfortable setting that invites browsing, exploration, and fun.

  • Community involvement: To enrich our diverse customer communities, while respecting each community as unique.

  • Shareholder value: To maximize profits and balance near-term financial gains for all shareholders with long-term vision and growth strategies.

Our Values

  • Leadership

  • Results orientation

  • Respect

  • People development

  • A positive workplace

  • Customer service

Our Positioning

Borders celebrates the individual. It is a place to indulge tastes and needs, to explore and discover. It is not only what we offer—it is what we make possible.

Our Personality

Borders is genuine, accessible, energetic, spirited, vital, active, and a friend.

Our Promise

To uniquely know, connect, and relate to our customers and fulfill their needs.

Source: BordersGroupInc.com

Compare to: Barnes & Nobles' Mission Statement

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