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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Office Depot's (ODP) Mission Statement

Office Depot does not have a mission statement per se. However, they do have a values statement:


Respect For The Individual

We value diversity across the Company.

We praise publicly and provide constructive feedback privately.

We listen; we understand and we are responsive to each other.

We treat every employee, customer and supplier with honesty, dignity and respect.

We provide a safe environment to work and shop.

We are committed to the principles of good corporate citizenship, positive social impact and environmental sustainability.

Fanatical Customer Service

We impress our customers (internal and external) so much that they want to buy again.

We give higher priority to people than to tasks.

We do it right the first time but "wow" our customers on recovery when we miss.

Excellence in Execution

We are committed to grow Shareholder value.

We consistently involve employees at all levels toward the relentless improvement of our business.

We hold ourselves and our teammates accountable for results.

We strive for perfect execution every day.

We reward innovation and intelligent risk taking.

We celebrate the wins.

Source: OfficeDepot.com

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