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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Nuveen's (JNC) Mission Statement

Our Mission

At Nuveen Investments, we believe in conservative investing. Our purpose is to help people grow and preserve their wealth for a single reason: To secure their goals — Today and Tomorrow. To help financial advisors and clients succeed, we follow three guiding principles:

Investment Discipline

Our approach to investing begins with a perspective both broad and deep. We combine time-tested investment specialization, extensive industry knowledge and active risk management to seek investment opportunities that we believe will be promising over time. We strive to integrate the best thinking and resources as we pursue balanced diversification for individual and institutional investors.

Service Excellence

We add value to the investing process through expert research, personalized service and comprehensive wealth management solutions. Our organization excels: through our one-to-one relationships with advisors and their clients and our client-centered service approach.

Continuous Innovation

Our products are developed purposefully: to give advisors and investors choice and flexibility in creating quality investment portfolios that match each client’s financial goals and risk tolerance. Through product innovation, we strive to offer advisors and their clients investment solutions that help provide an optimal return on their investments over time.

Together, these principles — investment discipline, service excellence, and continuous innovation — help us provide SMARTER WAYS TO BE CONSERVATIVE.

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