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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Smith International's (SII) Mission Statement


Our people and technology make us a world leader in drilling tools and services. We work together to constantly improve customer satisfaction, employee opportunity and shareholder value.


Committing ourselves to integrity, we will:

  • Earn the respect, confidence and loyalty of OUR CUSTOMERS by serving them so well that they profit from their association with us.

  • Provide OUR PEOPLE the highest degree of challenge and opportunity so they can realize their ambitions in terms of career, rewards and family security.

  • Fulfill our obligations to OUR INVESTORS to such an extent that they are both proud and eager to share in our enterprise. Be fair to OUR SUPPLIERS and encourage their contributions to our success.

  • Not malign OUR COMPETITORS and gain their respect through our ethical practices. Be good citizens of OUR COMMUNITIES and OUR COUNTRIES.

Source: Smith International

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