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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Blogger Mission Statements - No. 2

Adam at Sophistpundit has this mission:

What is Sophistpundit?

Sophistpundit is one of the many blogs that sprung up around the time of the 2004 elections in the United States, because its author found that blogging helped him to keep his facts straight more than anything else.

Sophist” is a tribute to the Greek Sophists; hated by Plato and considered therefore to have lost the debate of history. It is the belief of this author that their perspective was far more democratic than Plato’s elitism as well as the elitism of those he has inspired throughout history. A great deal of the writing on Sophistpundit will be dedicated to the principles of democracy, its theory and the nations that put those principles into practice.

Pundit” is a tribute to Glenn Reynolds, a.k.a. the Instapundit, a.k.a. the blogfather. While Instapundit isn’t the model for Sophistpundit, the latter’s author has learned a lot from the blogfather’s style.

So what is Sophistpundit? What does it offer to set it apart from the vast sea of blogs out there?

Sophistpundit presents a perspective. The author has watched, with millions of others, as blogging has democratized the way information is exchanged, and democratization has become something of a passion for him. He wants to see the principles of democracy applied not only at the national level, but at the state and local level, and in the courts, as well as in every day conversation. This means respecting and trying to understand all other points of view, while pursuing the advancement of your own through honest and open discussion.

Sophistpundit is an extension of its author. Like its author, it has its quirks—it can go from rapid-fire blogging one week to relatively slow blogging the next. It can go from a series of posts that serve only to link its readers elsewhere to long dissertations on matters of ideology. And if a short story or a poem pop in every now or then, the author asks for your patience—sometimes he simply needs to indulge his creative juices.

Sophistpundit can provide news and information that you might not find elsewhere—but using Sophistpundit as your main source of information is highly discouraged. Using it in conjunction with multiple other sources, however, could be to your benefit.

Sophistpundit is what you take away from it—as a fellow philosopher, writer, citizen, or human being. All perspectives are welcome here, and the author strongly encourages disagreement.

Source: Sophistpundit

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