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Thursday, July 07, 2005

ShopKo's (SKO) Mission Statement

You won't find a mission statement per se on ShopKo's website. However, you will find their Commitment to Customer Service and their Guiding Principles.

Committed to Customer Service

Our commitment to customer service is the cornerstone of our business. At the heart of our dedication are the Guiding Principles featured above. Central to our principles are three main themes:

  • Being a merchant-driven organization exceeding customer expectations in terms of assortment, service and value.

  • Trusting and empowering people to do their jobs and holding each other accountable.

  • Acting with integrity and high ethical standards…both inside and outside the company.
Guiding Principles
  • Exceed the expectations of external and internal customers

  • Trust and empower our co-workers

  • Be accountable for our conduct and decisions

  • Do business with integrity and honesty

  • Respect others

  • Make the most of our time and resources

  • Be financially responsible

  • Encourage and value individual thinking

  • Strive for continuous improvement

  • Be flexible

  • Communicate openly and challenge each other

  • Advocate diversity

  • Take prudent risks

  • Know our numbers

  • Be creative and not afraid to fail

  • Move quickly. Be decisive, not perfect

  • Support our communities

  • Celebrate and reward high performance

  • Have fun

Source: ShopKo.com

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