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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Ariel Mutual Funds' Mission Statement

Mission & Values

Our mission revolves around one word: Patience

In earnest pursuit of excellent performance and outstanding client service, patience is our over-arching virtue. By taking a long-term view, we are able to build our firm around these core values:
  • Focus
    As we strive to be the premier small and mid-cap value investment firm, we will continue to grow our company with discipline and rigorous standards.

  • Independent Thinking
    Through voracious reading and active listening, we are armed with information that enables us to challenge conventional "wisdom," and stand out from the investing crowd.

  • Team Work
    Our diverse and experienced professionals work together toward a common goal of excellence in every aspect of our business. We live up to our commitments. Moreover, through significant personal ownership in our firm, as well as in our mutual funds, our interests are squarely aligned with those of our valued clients.

  • Community
    We are committed to strengthening the neighborhoods and cities in which we live and work, practicing a hands-on model of corporate responsibility.
Source: ArielFunds.com

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