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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bimbo Bakeries' Mission Statement

Bimbo Bakeries makes my family's favorite brand of bread: Oroweat.


To produce and market food products by developing the value of our brands. We have committed ourselves to be:
  • Highly productive and people-oriented.

  • Innovative, competitive and dedicated to satisfying our customers and consumers.

  • An international leader in the baking industry, with a long-term vision.
Vision 2010

We are:
  • The world leader in the baking industry and one of the best companies in the international food industry.

  • A company with trustworthy, leading brands for our consumers.

  • Our customers' preferred supplier.

  • A strong and sound company for our stakeholders.

  • A forward-looking company.

  • An extraordinary place to work in.
Source: BimboBakeries.com

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