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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Knight Ridder's (KRI) Mission Statement


With technology enabling a constant flow of new products and services, and consumers demanding ever-increasing value, Knight Ridder will be pre-eminent in news, information and advertising in its markets. We will do this by developing our own high value products and services to complement our traditional businesses. In our markets, we will grow reader and advertising share every year; we will reach a majority of adults every day; and we will have the dominant share of local online consumer and advertiser business. We will grow revenue, profit and economic value added.


Our historic mission, to inform our communities, is a privilege, responsibility and source of competitive strength. We will be worthy of its First Amendment protection. Our commitment to our customers and to the people of Knight Ridder is fundamental to our success. We will reflect the diversity of the audiences we serve, including viewpoints and cultures, in our content and in our work forces.


To assure that Knight Ridder remains a landmark company whose social contributions and corporate prosperity withstand the test of time, we are pledged to provide enduring value to our customers, people, shareholders and communities. Our future rests with all of you.

Therefore, we make these promises...

To our customers...
We promise to be passionate about serving you. To our readers, we promise content that matters to your daily lives - honest, fair, interesting and useful news, information and advertising. To our advertisers, we promise reach and results to help you succeed.

To our people...
We promise to help you develop, to show you respect, to reward you fairly, to provide a workplace in which individual differences are valued. We promise the opportunity to contribute to an ennobling enterprise that is dedicated to preserving the vigor of our democracy.

To our shareholders...
We promise an attractive return that is competitive with peer companies, and a commitment to sound financial practices, consistent economic growth and innovative responses to market opportunities.

To our communities...
We promise to foster economic and social health through good citizenship, through volunteer and financial support for causes that enhance the community’s quality of life, and by providing valuable news, information and advertising to the citizens we serve.

Source: Knight-Ridder.com

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