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Monday, July 25, 2005

Ball's (BLL) Mission Statement

Mission and Strategies

To be the premier provider to beverage, food and aerospace and technologies customers of the products and services that we offer as we aggressively manage our business, and to explore and pursue acquisitions, divestitures, strategic alliances and other changes that would benefit Ball's shareholders.

In packaging, our strategy is to leverage our superior continuous process improvement expertise in order to manufacture, market, sell and service high-quality, value-added products that meet the needs of high-volume and/or growing customer segments of the beverage and food markets.

In aerospace and technologies, our strategy is to provide remote sensing systems and solutions to the aerospace and defense markets through products and services used to collect and interpret information needed to support national missions and scientific discovery.

Ball Corporation has changed dramatically over its 125 years, from a small, family-owned business into a public company with people and interests around the world. We believe a core purpose and core values, established in our early years and refined and adhered to throughout our history, have provided us with a guiding philosophy that has helped us prosper.

Core Purpose

Ball Corporation is in business to add value to all of its stakeholders, whether it is providing quality products and services to customers, an attractive return on investment to shareholders, a meaningful work life for employees or a contribution of time, effort and resources to our communities. In all of our interactions, we ask how we can get better ��� how we can make it better, be better and do better, for our own good and the good of those who have a stake in our success.

Core Values


Our reputation for integrity is our most important asset. We will not compromise our integrity or risk damage to our reputation in return for financial gain or any reason.


We respect our employees, our customers, our suppliers, our shareholders ��� indeed, all of our stakeholders. In all of our dealings we strive to show that respect and to treat people with dignity.


We have a strong desire to be successful and to be measured against the best.


We are willing to challenge our own assumptions and adapt to changing circumstances for the long-term good of the corporation.


We strive to be creative and innovative in our products, our processes and the way we conduct business.


We operate as a team. Everyone has his or her job, but it takes all of us working together for the company to succeed.

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