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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Supervalu's (SVU) Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our mission at SUPERVALU always will be to serve our customers better than anyone else could serve them. We will provide our customers with value through our products and services, committing ourselves to providing the quality, variety and convenience they expect.

Our success requires us to trust in our employees, respect their individual contributions and make a commitment to their continued development. This environment will allow us to attract the best people and provide opportunities through which they can achieve personal and professional satisfaction.

Our commitment is to support the communities in which our employees and customers live and work. We will use our time and resources to preserve our role as a partner, neighbor and friend.

Our responsibility to our investors is clear - continuous profit growth while ensuring our future success. SUPERVALU will prosper through a balance of innovation and good business decisions that enhances our operations and creates superior value for our customers.

By pursuing these goals, SUPERVALU will continue to build on our foundation as a world-class retailer and distributor that values long-standing ties with its constituents, and conducts its business with integrity and ethics. We will continue to foster strong relationships with the diverse people and organizations with whom we work. Through open communication with our customers, employees, communities and shareholders, we will adapt to changing times while holding true to the fundamentals that support both our growth and stability.

We shall pursue our mission with a passion for what we do and a focus on priorities that will truly make a difference in our future.

Source: SuperValu.com

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