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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Dow Jones' (DJ) Mission & Values Statements


Publish the world's most vital business and financial news and information - in any form, time or place - to create the greatest value for our customers, employees and shareholders and for the benefit of free people and free markets. Also publish high-quality community newspapers.


A commitment to, and justifiable pride in, the quality of our publications and services and the value they provide to customers.

A commitment to uncompromising journalistic and business integrity.

A strong sense of journalistic and business independence, taking pride in charting our own course rather than following the pack.

A clear focus on content as our core competency and on business as our primary market.

A strong sense of loyalty to our publications and services, based on a conviction that they serve a genuine public interest.

A belief in civility and collegiality in our Dow Jones workplace, recognizing the importance of all of our employees to our success.

A conviction at Dow Jones that by pursuing all of these values we can best build value for shareholders.

Source: Dow Jones
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