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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Wellpoint's (WLP) Mission Statement

Mission, Vision & Values

Throughout its existence, WellPoint has challenged conventional industry wisdom. With an unyielding commitment to meeting the unique needs of our diverse customer base, WellPoint is guided by the following principles:

WellPoint Mission

WellPoint's objective is to improve the health of the people we serve. The WellPoint Companies provide health security by offering a choice of quality branded health and related financial services designed to meet the changing expectations of individuals, families and their sponsors throughout a lifelong relationship.

WellPoint Vision

WellPoint will transform our industry, becoming the most valued health plan through a new generation of consumer-friendly products that put individuals back in control of their health and financial future.

The result will be:

  • A significant increase in member satisfaction and enrollment

  • rior returns to shareholders

  • llent opportunities for associates

  • A highly respected national organization
WellPoint Values

  • Be customer-focused in everything we do and everyone we serve

  • Take personal responsibility for achieving planned results

  • Be a leader

  • Be creative and entrepreneurial

  • Embody ethics, pride, results with integrity and passion in everything we do

  • Collaborate to achieve company results

  • Respect and listen to others

  • Commit to excellence and innovation, helping the organization work faster, simpler, smarter and more profitably
The above statements may be modified to reflect the evolution of our organization and commitment to meeting the ever-changing needs of our diverse customer base.

Source: Wellpoint.com

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