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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Bank of New York's (BNY) Mission Statement

Bank of New York has a Vision & Values Statement rather than a mission statement.

Our Vision and our Values guide us in creating an environment where our clients' expectations and our shared, enduring values drive the decisions and behavior of our entire organization.


We strive to be the
acknowledged global leader and preferred partner
in helping our clients succeed in the
world's rapidly evolving financial markets.

Our vision statement reflects the enduring strategy that has guided our efforts in recent years and our optimism about our future potential. The statement challenges us to grow, and it makes vital promises to our clients -- namely, that we will strive to be:

The acknowledged global leader, taking a proactive role in shaping the development of our industry -- prepared to initiate and respond to change where it stands to benefit our clients and our Company.

Our clients' preferred partner, offering a collaborative approach to solving client needs to our mutual benefit.


These values are at the core of The Bank of New York brand.


We practice the highest standard of personal and corporate ethics in all our interactions, continually strengthening our heritage of building relationships through honesty, trustworthiness and reliability.


We respect the unique contributions of every employee, valuing the diversity of their experiences, ideas and initiatives. We ensure that everyone has the opportunity to learn and contribute to the company in a way that enriches both their personal and professional development.

Personal Responsibility

We believe that it is our personal responsibility to grow and create value for The Bank of New York. As a result, we each take ownership for and pride in enhancing the company's performance and reputation among clients, shareholders and the communities we serve.


We become stronger as an organization through teamwork with our associates from all of our business areas. We support and reward innovative thinking and collaboration that achieves our mutual goal of building a successful company.


We are committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and performance. We measure success by our ability to anticipate, create and implement inventive solutions that help our clients achieve their objectives.

Source: BankofNewYork.com

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