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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Altria's (MO) Mission Statement

What We Stand For

The Altria family of companies is characterized by seven shared attributes that define who we are and how we grow our businesses:


A passion for executional excellence and for quality in everything that we do

Marketing Excellence:

Expertise and imagination applied by our consumer packaged goods companies in the development of outstanding consumer brands

Commitment to Responsibility:

A readiness to engage with communities and societies in acting responsibly and behaving as good corporate citizens

Financial Strength:

Sound financial practices and the careful use of resources


Openness to new ideas and a willingness to break new ground

Compliance and Integrity:

Strong adherence to the letter and spirit of the law and of our own policies

Dedication to People:

A commitment to growing our employees by providing them with opportunities

Our Strategy for Growth

Altria Group oversees its companies to enhance shareholder value by focusing on growth, people and a commitment to responsibility.

The story of our family of companies is one of evolution and growth, funded by profitable businesses and sound financial management. Much of our growth has come through acquisitions, although much has also come through the creative development of brand franchises by our operating companies. These both remain the pathways for our future – organic growth and growth through acquisition.

In recent years our structure has evolved with the Kraft Foods IPO and the creation of SABMiller, of which we are the largest shareholder. These developments, we believe, are good for both the companies concerned and for their respective shareholders.

As we look to the future, we see more change, more growth, and more development of our companies’ employees, our operating companies, and their brands. We also see further development of Altria companies’ commitment to responsibility, as we learn more about the evolving societal expectations of each of our companies, and of the parent that oversees them. Aiming higher, reaching further, innovating and growing. These are the qualities of the Altria family of companies.

Source: Altria.com

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