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Friday, July 22, 2005

Ameren's (AEE) Mission Statement

Developed by Ameren’s senior team under the leadership of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Gary Rainwater, Ameren’s vision, mission and values are the foundation of our company’s future.

Ameren’s mission is to generate electricity, deliver electricity and distribute natural gas in a safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally sound manner. Our vision is to be the recognized performance leader of the U.S. electric and gas utility industry. Being a performance leader means we will achieve operational excellence, industry-leading customer satisfaction and superior financial performance.

In pursuing our mission and vision, Ameren is guided by five core values:


We will manage our business honestly and ethically. We will always do what is right and take personal responsibility for our actions. We will behave in a way that earns the trust and respect of all of our stakeholders and enhances the reputation of our company.


We will treat all people with dignity and respect. We will create a work environment that attracts, supports and retains a high-quality, culturally diverse workforce capable of meeting the challenges of a competitive environment.


We will build and improve on the business entrusted to our care. We will be good stewards of our stockholders’ investment, of our employees’ welfare, and of our customers’ trust in us to provide their energy needs. We will be dedicated to meeting our social, community and environmental responsibilities.


We will work together a team, leveraging our employees' unique talents and skills in a spirit of cooperation and trust, holding each other mutually accountable to achieve our common vision.


We will commit ourselves to the success of our business, to the pursuit of excellence, to the safety of our employees, and to providing industry leading quality of service to our customers.

Source: Ameren.com

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