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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Corporate Executive Board Co.'s (EXBD) Mission Statement

Corporate Mission

The Corporate Executive Board provides best practices research, decision support tools, and executive education to a membership of the world's leading corporations and not-for-profit institutions. Our mission is to increase the effectiveness of executives and their enterprises by discovering and teaching to this membership the best new thinking and strategies from across industry and around the world.

At its best, our work is able to shape strategic debate and to accelerate tactical implementation in even the most progressive organizations. We proceed in this work without bias, placing stewardship for the member above the advancement of any idea or approach. We strive in each interaction to achieve a level of service that is unparalleled in our members' experience.

Corporate Values

Force of Ideas

We believe that great ideas - acute insights rooted in microeconomics and informed by human behavior - can carry an organization forward more surely than can access to superior resources, market power, or sheer effort. Our corporate task is to discover these ideas wherever they arise, within and beyond the membership, and to teach them to the membership at large.

Spirit of Generosity

Our ambition is to forge relationships with our members that go beyond the merely commercial. This spirit is expressed in our business model, which directs that wherever possible, we provide our services in unlimited amount. This aim beyond commerce also informs our personal relations; our goal is to serve members and each other beyond expectation and with appreciation, bringing honest joy to the opportunity to serve.

A Teaching Enterprise

We believe that "words matter," and that the greatest care should be taken in our communications with our members and with each other to strive for precision, acuity, and grace. We bear the complete responsibility for teaching the insights in our work to our members, and we gladly invest the increment of thought and effort required to communicate these thoughts through powerful, visual imagery that drives member interest and engagement.

Member Stewardship

Our purpose as a firm is to increase the personal and professional effectiveness of our members and their enterprises. This standard of care guides our current activities and helps to define our future strategic choices. We feel keenly the need to be responsible stewards of our members' contributions and confidences. We believe that close, continuing vigilance to the changing needs of our members is our single most important activity.

Constant Growth

We seek to create an entrepreneurial environment of ever-expanding horizons for our members, our staff, and our shareholders year over year. We believe that our ability to grow through organic innovation is effectively infinite, and we have placed the enterprise on a growth trajectory that demands our best efforts and that creates the most value for our shareholders.

Pure Meritocracy

Advancement in our firm depends solely on ability, performance, and contribution to our success. We challenge our highest performers to assume significant managerial and professional responsibility early in their careers, and our growth trajectory offers all staff members the opportunity for unusually rapid advancement.

Strength from Diversity

Our aspiration is to attract and engage a professional staff that reflects the diversity of our membership, and whose varied perspectives inform the creativity and relevance of our work. We are committed to providing a vibrant, inclusive professional environment, and we invest unusual effort in identifying and recruiting exceptional talent from diverse backgrounds.

Source: Corporate Executive Board Co.

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