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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Canadian Natural Resources' (CNQ) Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

"To develop people to work together to create value for the Company's shareholders by doing it right with fun and integrity."

Our Business Approach

We believe that the paths of exploration and opportunistic acquisition must be followed simultaneously. Further, cost effective exploitation of all these assets will generate superior returns over the long term.

Our business model is built on the premise that if you believe an asset is worth owning, you should own as much as possible. Furthermore, if you control the asset, you can determine the optimal development program that meets the Company's needs and timeframe. Hence, we favor high working interests and high operatorship levels.

Balance is integral to the business approach. We strive to balance commodity mix as well as project completion horizons. This provides reduced volatility in cash flow and a strong inventory of projects for growth in the near, mid and long-term.

Finally, financial discipline is required to be successful over the long-term. This equates to being the low cost producer and to exercising judgment in capital allocation decisions. We have a proven record of managing the balance sheet through the commodity price cycles.

Source: CanadianNatural.com

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