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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Land O' Lakes' Mission Statement

Land O'Lakes is a growing company with a rich history of serving America's farmers and marketing America's favorite dairy products. Today, this farmer-owned cooperative extends its reach from coast-to-coast and to more than 50 countries worldwide.

Land O'Lakes Vision

Our vision is to be one of the best food and agricultural companies in the world by being:

  • Our customers' first choice;

  • Our employees' first choice;

  • Responsible to our owners; and

  • A leader in our communities.
We are committed to doing more than meeting our customers' needs. We strive to delight our customers by anticipating and exceeding their expectations through an innovative and creative workforce.

We recognize employees as our most important asset and we focus on making Land O'Lakes their first choice for work. We believe in respecting diversity and in encouraging teamwork, involvement, development and empowerment of all employees.

We aim to create greater shareholder value while fulfilling our responsibilities as a cooperative.

Finally, we recognize our responsibilities to the communities in which we operate. We are proactive in dedicating resources to build a better quality of life, operate in an ethical and environmentally sensitive manner and live by our values.

Land O'Lakes Mission

We are a market- and customer-driven cooperative committed to optimizing the value of our members' dairy, crop and livestock production.

Land O'Lakes Values

The Land O'Lakes heritage is rich in rural values, family and respect for the land. Our cooperative roots run deep. With determination and pride, we will continue our commitment to serve farmers, rural America and our customers. Our values reflect who we are and what we firmly believe in:

  • People

    We believe in people—in valuing and recognizing a work force of diverse individuals as the key to our success.

  • Performance

    We believe in setting high standards—defining clear goals and rewarding initiative that turns ideas into action and goals into reality.

  • Customer Commitment

    We believe the customer is fundamental to our success—working together to meet their needs is the basis for all that we do.

  • Quality

    We believe Land O'Lakes stands for quality—striving to make our best better.

  • Integrity

    We believe in honesty—respecting each individual, fairness and open communication.

With these values as our guide, we will provide more than we receive and succeed both individually and as a company.

Source: LandoLakesInc.com

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