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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Hershey Company's (HSY) Mission Statement


Last Updated: Jun. 20, 2005

Undisputed Marketplace Leadership

  • Top-tier value creation, driven by superior performance across the business system

  • Organizational capabilities and passion that compete in the present and build for the future

  • Commitment to enabling and encouraging balanced, healthy lives

  • Portfolio of brands that
    - Delights consumer across multiple segments
    - Delivers superior growth and profitability to retailers
    - Is available everywhere

  • Ability to transform consumer and customer desires to marketplace wins
Company Philosophy

In seeking to balance our desire for profitable growth with the obligations which we have to various other constituencies, we shall strive to:

1. Protect and enhance the corporation's high level of ethics and conduct.
2. Maintain a strong "people" orientation and demonstrate care for every employee.
3. Attract and hold customers and consumers with products and services of consistently superior quality and value.
4. Sustain a strong results orientation coupled with a prudent approach to business.

Source: Hershey.com

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