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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Performance Food Group's (PFGC) Mission Statement

This is an interesting mission statement in that they really don't say much about what they do.

Our Mission Statement

We will be the innovative leader in providing customer satisfaction.

In partnership with our customers, associates, vendors and sister companies, we will achieve mutually profitable growth.

We will continue to operate with honesty and integrity as we support our partners and community.

Our Vision

  • Be the best at providing customer satisfaction

  • Be the leader in creating distinctive customer relationships

  • Be the leader in creating a distribution network focused on customer needs

  • All companies will share resources and support each other to better service our customers

  • Be a company focused on our associates' well-being, providing training, development, and good communication, making our associates feel involved and appreciated

  • Be a well-known community supporter in each market

The Values We Share

Recognizing the part played by others in our success, the following expresses the values we share with our co-workers, our customers, our suppliers, our operating companies, our industry and the communities in which we live and conduct our business.

To Our Co-Workers

Our co-workers are our most important asset. We will treat our co-workers with respect and provide just compensation and benefits. Individual contribution will be recognized. Advancement will be based on performance and abilities.

We will provide a safe and healthy work environment.

We will encourage initiative and creativity by providing an atmosphere for our associates to develop their abilities.

Working as a team will enable the company to provide these benefits and opportunities by:

  • being sensitive to our customers' needs and meeting those needs better than our competition

  • being more productive than our competitors by carrying out our responsibilities to the best of our ability

  • contributing ideas and suggestions for continually improving our company

  • treating co-workers and our company with respect

To Our Customers

We will earn and keep our customers' loyalty by making their needs our number one priority.

To Our Suppliers

We will look to our suppliers for products and support that represent a value to our customers and our company.

We will develop alliances with our suppliers to enhance this value and strengthen our mutual relationship with the customer.

We will be honest and fair with each of our suppliers and expect the same of them.

To Our Operating Companies

We will encourage teamwork and the entrepreneurial attitude of creativeness, responsibility for actions and appropriate independent decision-making.

To Our Industry

We will be proactive in the local and national advancement of the foodservice industry in an effort to further its growth.

To Our Community

Performance Food Group companies will support and enhance the communities in which we do business through company and personal involvement in community affairs. The company will operate in an ethical manner, carefully observing all laws and relations in its communities.

The Role of Profits

Performance Food Group is focused on maximizing the profitable growth in all of its business segments. That is the only way we can pay our associates a fair wage, provide an attractive return to shareholders and invest in future growth. It is the only way the company can sustain itself to carry out our business mission and citizenship responsibilities.

While profits are something that must be earned today, profits earned today at the expense of the future have little value.

Performance Food Group will balance its need for profit and long-term growth. The company will not mortgage its future for the sake of short-term gain.

To Our Business Partners

The Performance Food Group culture dictates that we operate with honesty and integrity in all things that we do. In this spirit, we are setting forth the following Performance Food Group supplier business partner rights and responsibilities. Included in these is the Performance Food Group policy on supplier pricing and price protection.

Performance Food Group believes in building long lasting business relationships. We demand great things from our Performance Food Group supplier business partners and believe that they have the right to expect great things from Performance Food Group. These policies, rights, and responsibilities have been developed for the benefit of our business relationships and are to be taken very seriously.

All Performance Food Group Suppliers have the right to:
  • Make a profit.

  • Conduct business in a friendly, open, and honest environment.

  • Expect that scheduled appointment times will be met within a reasonable amount of time or that notification will be provided when suppliers will be seen.

  • Be notified in a timely manner of the status of your presentation; (i.e. new items).

  • Expect that all commitments made by Performance Food Group associates will be fulfilled.

  • Expect payment within the agreed upon payment terms.

  • Expect that Performance Food Group associates will maintain the confidentiality of any programs developed between our two companies.

Source: PerformanceFoodGroup.com

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