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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Caremark Rx's (CMX) Mission Statement

Mission Statement

We will be the premier health management solution provider, enabling individuals and plan sponsors to optimize their healthcare investment.

Guiding Values

I C A R E — As a Caremark employee, I am proud to be part of a team of people who share a deep commitment to a core set of values:

INTEGRITY — We are devoted as individuals to ethical practices in all we do and we want our company to represent this value in the marketplace.

CUSTOMER — We always focus on the customer when we consider our business practices or go about our own work.

ACCOUNTABILITY — We hold ourselves accountable for our actions as individuals and we expect our colleagues and management to do the same.

RESULTS — We strive for excellence; we believe the systems and processes we have in place and our commitment to innovation will ensure that we are always a leader in our field.

EMPOWERMENT — We recognize that to be most effective, every employee must feel empowered to participate, communicate and innovate.

Source: Caremark.com

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