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Monday, June 18, 2007

Franklin Resources' (BEN) Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the premier global investment management organization. Guided by our core values and unique perspective, we achieve this mission by offering high quality investment solutions, providing outstanding service and attracting, motivating and retaining talented people.

Our core values reflect what is most important to us as a company.

1. Put clients first. We strive to know and meet our clients' needs, and we fully accept our fiduciary responsibility to protect shareholders' interests.

2. Build relationships. We work to establish enduring relationships with our clients and business partners. We value collaboration and cooperation in our workplaces.

3. Achieve quality results. We value professional excellence and expertise, and we work together to produce consistent, competitive results for our clients.

4. Work with integrity. We speak and act in an honest manner. We believe in being accountable for the impact we have on others.

Source: Franklin Templeton Investments

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