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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Smith International's (SII) Mission Statement


Our people and technology make us a world leader in drilling tools and services. We work together to constantly improve customer satisfaction, employee opportunity and shareholder value.


Committing ourselves to integrity, we will:

  • Earn the respect, confidence and loyalty of OUR CUSTOMERS by serving them so well that they profit from their association with us.

  • Provide OUR PEOPLE the highest degree of challenge and opportunity so they can realize their ambitions in terms of career, rewards and family security.

  • Fulfill our obligations to OUR INVESTORS to such an extent that they are both proud and eager to share in our enterprise. Be fair to OUR SUPPLIERS and encourage their contributions to our success.

  • Not malign OUR COMPETITORS and gain their respect through our ethical practices. Be good citizens of OUR COMMUNITIES and OUR COUNTRIES.

Source: Smith International

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National Oilwell Varco's (NOV) Mission Statement

National Oilwell Varco utilized a Shared Values Statement.

Integrity: We say what we mean, our actions reflect our words, and we honor our commitments.

Customer Focus: Our customers are our number one priority and we consistently meet or exceed their expectations.

Enthusiasm: We are passionate about our work and take pride in designing quality into the products, services and solutions that we provide.

Stakeholder Value Creation: We employ creativity and initiative in the creation of stakeholder value and are recognized and rewarded for it.

Performance Drives Results: We create our future through our choices and actions today.

Teamwork: We collaborate with our suppliers, our customers and each other to optimize the sum of all individual efforts.

Citizenship: We honor the culture and laws of all areas in which we participate and demonstrate respect for all.

Source: NatOil.com

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Sunoco's (SUN) Mission Statement

Our Purpose is to:
  • Be a source of excellence for our customers;

  • Provide a challenging professional experience for our employees;

  • Be a rewarding investment for our shareholders;

  • Be a respected citizen of community and country.

Our Committment is to:

Profitable Growth

Seeking sustainable, profitable growth by encouraging relentless pursuit of our vision, simplicity of style, speed of action, innovation and leadership in all of our chosen business activities.

Positive Change

Embracing and capitalizing on change, recognizing that every employee must be empowered to stimulate continuous improvement in all aspects of our business.
Enthusiastic CustomersEnhancing our reputation as a company that customers can rely on to deliver products so excellent in their quality, and service so outstanding in its responsiveness, that Sunoco will always be recognized for leadership in the marketplace.

Involved Employees

Striving for a workplace where opportunity, openness, enthusiasm, diversity, teamwork, accountability and a sense of purpose combine to provide a rewarding professional experience that promotes fairness, dignity and respect for all employees.

Confident Shareholders

Managing all parts of our business in a manner that builds value into the investment of all shareholders, confirming their confidence in participating in the ownership of this company.

Responsible Citizenship

Conducting our business with the highest standards of ethics, adherence to the law, and "doing what's right" -- thereby continuing Sunoco's legacy of encouraging a healthy and safe workplace, responsible government, a highly competitive free enterprise system, environmental excellence and community enrichment.

Source: Sunoco USA

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Canadian Natural Resources' (CNQ) Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

"To develop people to work together to create value for the Company's shareholders by doing it right with fun and integrity."

Our Business Approach

We believe that the paths of exploration and opportunistic acquisition must be followed simultaneously. Further, cost effective exploitation of all these assets will generate superior returns over the long term.

Our business model is built on the premise that if you believe an asset is worth owning, you should own as much as possible. Furthermore, if you control the asset, you can determine the optimal development program that meets the Company's needs and timeframe. Hence, we favor high working interests and high operatorship levels.

Balance is integral to the business approach. We strive to balance commodity mix as well as project completion horizons. This provides reduced volatility in cash flow and a strong inventory of projects for growth in the near, mid and long-term.

Finally, financial discipline is required to be successful over the long-term. This equates to being the low cost producer and to exercising judgment in capital allocation decisions. We have a proven record of managing the balance sheet through the commodity price cycles.

Source: CanadianNatural.com

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Danaher's (DHR) Mission Statement

Danaher utilizes a Core Values statement rather than a traditional mission statement.

The Best Team Wins

Associates are our most valued assets.
We're passionate about retaining, developing and recruiting the best talent available.
Danaher and its associates win because:

  • We are team-oriented with Involvement by all.

  • We seek fact-based, root cause solutions; not blame.

  • We are accountable for results, and we deliver.

  • We are non-political and not bureaucratic.

  • We have high integrity and respect for others.

  • Winning is fun!

Customers Talk, We Listen

Quality First, ALWAYS!
We base our strategic plan on the Voice-of-the-Customer.
Robust, repeatable processes yield superior Quality, Delivery, and Cost that satisfy our customers beyond their expectations.

Continuous Improvement (Kaizen) is Our Way of Life

The Danaher Business System IS our culture.
We aggressively and continuously eliminate waste in every facet of our business processes.

Leading Edge Innovation Defines Our Future

We continuously apply our creativity to the technologies of products, services, and processes.
Out-of-the Box ideas, both large and small, add value to our enterprise.
We accomplish "breakthroughs" through the Policy Deployment process.

We Compete For Shareholders

Profits are important because they attract and retain loyal shareholders.

Source: Danaher.com

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Caremark Rx's (CMX) Mission Statement

Mission Statement

We will be the premier health management solution provider, enabling individuals and plan sponsors to optimize their healthcare investment.

Guiding Values

I C A R E — As a Caremark employee, I am proud to be part of a team of people who share a deep commitment to a core set of values:

INTEGRITY — We are devoted as individuals to ethical practices in all we do and we want our company to represent this value in the marketplace.

CUSTOMER — We always focus on the customer when we consider our business practices or go about our own work.

ACCOUNTABILITY — We hold ourselves accountable for our actions as individuals and we expect our colleagues and management to do the same.

RESULTS — We strive for excellence; we believe the systems and processes we have in place and our commitment to innovation will ensure that we are always a leader in our field.

EMPOWERMENT — We recognize that to be most effective, every employee must feel empowered to participate, communicate and innovate.

Source: Caremark.com

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Lehman Brothers' (LEH) Mission Statement

Our mission is to build unrivaled partnerships
with and value for our clients, through the
knowledge, creativity, and dedication of our people,
leading to superior results for our shareholders.

Source: LehmanBrothers.com

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