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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Gap's Mission Statement

At Gap Inc. we never stop moving. It takes thousands of passionate, dedicated and talented employees around the world to deliver the merchandise and shopping experience our customers expect and deserve. Here's a look at how we do it:


From color to concept, it all begins with inspiration — whether it's people-watching on the streets of Tokyo, a flash from a dream or a visit to a local art gallery. At Gap Inc.'s product development offices in New York City, designers, product managers and graphic artists create the look and feel for each season's merchandise.


Located around the globe, employees in Gap Inc.'s Sourcing and Logistics group, along with our buying agents, draw up production schedules and place orders with approved third-party factories in the more than 50 countries where our products are made. Learn more about Gap Inc.’s commitment to ethical sourcing practices.


Each brand has its own marketing team headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our in-house marketing teams create everything from hang-tags and in-store posters to billboards and TV commercials.


Third-party manufacturers ship merchandise to our state-of-the-art distribution centers, which sort and redistribute it to our stores. Strategically placed throughout the United States and in Canada, the United Kingdom and Japan, our distribution centers are the backbone of Gap Inc.'s worldwide operations.


Sales associates and other store personnel are trained to answer customers' questions about fabric, fit and fashion, and to help them select merchandise that's perfect for them.

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Do Mission Statements do any Good?

My last post (which was over a month ago!) was a copy of Kroger's mission statement. I read it and thought it sounded like something David Dillon wrote all by himself one afternoon in his office. In other words, it sounded like like something that NO Kroger employee had any input in. My guess is that if they had no help writing it then it probably isn't very effective. Judging by the lack of customer service at my local Kroger store, I would say this is probably true.

One other thing I have noticed is just how hard it is to find mission statements to post on this blog. I'll keep searching and I will post those mission statements that I find. Also, if any of you readers have a personal mission statement, please send it to me and I will post it. You can reach me at ManonaMissionblog (at) hotmail.com.


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